SLEEK MATTE ME: Birthday Suit

Ever since I first saw this colour on a friend, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sounds a little creepy right? But since then I had been on a mission to track it down and purchase it but whenever I’d come across a Sleek section in a Superdrug or Boots, it would always be sold out!

After some time I was beginning to give up hope, until one day I happened to walk into a small Boots to buy some eye makeup remover and stumbled on it by chance!

It was just my luck because not only did they have this colour fully stocked, they also had the rest of the Matte Me range stocked too. I had an artful colouring session, creating my own Picasso on the back of my hand as I played around with all the colours but managed to only walk away with the one I had been on a hunt for!

Was all that effort worth it?

Yes! I absolutely love this product! It has a unique formula that allows it to go like butter and sets within minutes. A little goes a long way as this product is so pigmented and one coat is more than enough to get the desired effect.

This liquid lipstick has great staying power, with small touch-ups only needed after eating but even then the fading is still pretty minor. It didn’t dry my lips out like most traditional matte formulas tend to do but that may be down to me having applied lip balm before as a precautionary measure. I also found it made my lips look plumper, even though it doesn’t hold any ingredients to give such an effect. Either way I loved the fuller lip look!


Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit – A mauve pink nude. I love this shade! It’s the right balance of pink and mauve without being too over powering. I feel like this colour can match any skin tone and can look different depending on the skin tone. On a warmer colour this shade may look like the perfect nude, on a paler skin tone it may look like a true mauve. Either way, it will still look great. It’s a very Kyle Jenner shade and I can completely see why it was sold out everywhere!

After my lengthy mission to find this shade, I can definitely say it was worth it! For £4.99 a pop, it was more than a bargain and I’m so glad I finally got it! I think I’ll have to pay that Boots another visit as I’m curious to try more shades from the line!



L’ORÉAL INFALLIBLE MATTE MAX: 001 Silencio, 004 Opps I Pink It Again

There’s nothing I love more than a matte lip but even I’ll admit I dislike the downsides to certain formulas such as dehydration and the heaviness of the lipstick sitting on your lips.

That said, I’d still go for a matte lip any day, making sure to pair it with a subtle dab of lip balm before all the moisture gets sucked out!

Having randomly walked into a Superdrug trying to kill some time in between meetings, I stumbled upon L’Oréal’s latest release, the Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen.

Packaged as a pen style product, the pen allows you to apply the product using a sponge applicator by dipping it into the lid holding the matte colour. You’re able to create different intensities with this product as you can have a subtle dab of colour or a more polished look with the pointed tip for precision.

Available in six shades, I only purchased two from the range as they seemed like the two I’d get the most use out of in the coming Spring/Summer months.


001 Silencio, 004 Opps I Pink It Again

001 Silencio – A coral nude that’s perfect for the summer but definitely subtle enough for the winter. Unlike traditional nudes, this one doesn’t drain you, instead leaving a fun pop of colour on the lips. I find this colour goes with anything and is a nice change when you want a more natural look but with a hint of colour.

004 Opps I Pink It Again – A coral hot pink, another perfect summer shade. This colour gives you a subtle statement lip without the boldness of an all round hot pink. I love that it’s buildable from a lip stain during the day to a more intense colour in the night. It’s perfect for those who love a subtle hot pink, without the bold statement.

Containing micro-oils, these pens keep your lips well moisturised whilst still achieving a matte look. Fully pigmented and long lasting, I had gotten through a full day with only the tiniest need for a touch-up in the centre of the lips. If there ever was a bit of fading, my lips were stained enough to go unnoticed, making this product very low maintence.

Once on your lips, you’ll hardly notice it. Unlike your traditional matte formula, the velvet soft feel of the product feels like there’s nothing on. There were times I had forgotten I was actually wearing anything on my lips until I walked past a mirror!

As fool-proof as the application is, it can also be a bit of a downside when trying to create a more polished and intense lip look. While the sponge does allow colour payoff, the pointed tip doesn’t completely allow pigmented precision. I found I had to go over the outer edges of my lips countless times trying to sculpt them into shape, so a lip liner may be needed.

Regardless of this, I still absolutely love this product! I cannot express how many times I have pulled it out of my bag when in need of a quick hassle free pop of colour!



TOPSHOP GLOSS INK: Sloe Gin, Cruel, Smitten, Sugar Rush

It has definitely been more than a minute since I have last posted. Aside from work and travelling, life took a turn for the crazy in the last few months with house renovations and moving out. I had seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take up! Fortunately in my absence I had managed to accumulate more new purchases than necessary, which of course is the origins of this blog, so that I guess my disappearing act was not in vain!

Apart from the nightmare we all face when trying to move out, it did give me a chance to take a good look at a lot of the things I had. In the midst of packing and clearing stuff out, I had rediscovered hidden lost treasures I had forgotten all about. One of those lost treasures being the Topshop Gloss Inks.

I had actually bought these a year ago when they released but had never really used them often enough to be blog post worthy.

Highly pigmented and ultra glossy, these glosses can be worn in their truest form or blotted down to create a matte look. The application process takes a bit more work as these are so highly pigmented and a little thick to apply, so it’s easy to make a mistake if you’re not careful! But once applied these last a long time on the lips! I’ll admit eating and drinking are not the easiest things to do when wearing these but even once faded they leave a strong stain on the lips.

I’m not really a fan of glosses, especially the thick and tacky ones but every now and then I like to live life on the edge and venture out.

I had initially only bought one of these but of course I went back and picked up three more because you know, one is never enough!


Sloe Gin, Cruel, Smitten, Sugar Rush

Sloe Gin – A beautiful purple toned pink. I love this colour and have used this probably the most this summer, especially in the evenings. What I like about it is that it can look different depending on the lighting. When worn in the day it looks like a summery hot pink but when worn at night it looks like a deep red toned pink. Either way it’s a beautifully rich shade.

Cruel – A deep berry pink with red tones. If you know my love for Mac’s Rebel, then you’ll definitely know this gloss is not far off. This reminds me of a glossy version of Rebel, giving your lips that deep vampy look whilst also giving you a juicy pout. It is such an intense look, worn matte or glossy it is such a statement lip.

Smitten – This is a bright coral, almost neon pink. It’s a full on colour but definitely a summer only shade in my opinion. I wore this on most summer days but as the season started changing to autumn, I found it to be a little too bright and loud for the cooler months and had to make a switch. This shade goes best with minimal eye makeup or some eyeliner and mascara at best, because this shade really does most of the talking.

Sugar Rush – Compared to the previous intense colours, this makes a nice change in contrast. It’s a soft peachy coral that appears natural on the lips, enhancing them slightly with a subtle vibrant tint. Without over using this phrase, it really is a ‘your lips but better shade’ that can be worn everyday. I found the application process for this colour to be the most forgiving out of all four, as I didn’t have to be so precise with my application. This is my running out the door, no time to apply a lip product, fail-safe gloss. I also really love the look of this shade in its gloss form and out of all four, this is the one shade that I don’t bother blotting down to create a matte look.



CLINIQUE 3-STEP: Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion 2, Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

I bought this skincare set a while back, convinced by the consultant at Clinique that this was genuinely a must have set but how wrong was I!

Consisting of three products 3-Step is supposed to cleanse your skin thoroughly and prepare it for better product absorption, so that any products you apply after will work better with your skin and be more effective. The set I purchased was for skin type number 2 – dry combination. According to the skin type you have and the number category you come under, the products may vary slightly. They all do the same thing, just the formulas may be lighter or heavy depending on your skin type needs. The products of course work together in a trio, although there’s no harm in only using one or two on their own but for maximum effect, they work best altogether.

LIQUID FACIAL SOAP – Step 1. This is just a standard cleanser which is meant to prepare the skin for exfoliation in Step 2. I used this twice a day with my CLARISONIC ARIA but personally didn’t find it doing anything outstanding for my skin. It of course cleansed my skin and although it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry, I didn’t feel like it did much else for my skin either, apart from prepare it for the next product.

CLARIFYING LOTION 2 – Step 2. To put simply, this is an alcohol based toner meant to exfoliate your skin, to clear and smooth it over so it’s ready for moisture. I really liked the idea of this but to be quite honest I hated the actual product! I’ve never used a product on my face that stinks of so much alcohol before! The first time I opened this bottle, it was so strong I just knew there was no way this could be good for you. It was one of those moments where you have to really sit down and have a serious talk with yourself and be like “is this really where we’re at in life? Using alcohol to exfoliate my face? All in the name of beauty?!” After researching the product and reading reviews from people who had the same concerns, those who were brave enough to try this product had assured us there was no serious damage done and that it was safe to use. I finally managed to pluck up the courage to try it but sadly it didn’t get any better. It did make my skin smooth, ready for moisture but that was because my skin desperately needed moisture after this. This made my skin feel so dry and not to mention the burning sensation when applying this product, along with the alcohol scent that is temporarily left on your skin! I thought maybe there was just an adjustment period where my skin needed to get used to this but that never happened and eventually I had to stop using it because I just knew I was damaging my skin in the long run.

DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURISING LOTION + – Step 3. This moisturiser is light enough to hydrate your skin without overloading it with too much moisture and is definitely a welcomed product after the previous step. Apart from the obvious, the purpose of this product is to rebalanced your skins moisture levels after all the cleansing and toning. It absorbs quickly and easily without fuss and offers all day hydration. I was also told many times that even though this product is a moisturiser, it is still used as a first step before you add any other serums or moisturisers, so that your skin is hydrated enough in order to allow the following products to be better absorbed. I didn’t really have any issues with this product but I didn’t exactly think it was necessary either in terms of the whole “use before for better product absorption”.

I get the concept behind this whole skincare set. Cleanse the skin, remove impurities, exfoliate away dead skin cells for clearer skin, then add moisture to rebalance the skin, making the skin more readily able to accept and work with other products. It makes sense but to me, I just think it’s unnecessary. You can’t keep overloading your skin with products and expect to make it better. Eventually you’re going to have to let you skin take care of itself, which is what it naturally does anyway with the help of diet and exercise, etc, etc.

I didn’t get along with these products at all. If anything they made my skin worse as they caused me to break out, which I know a lot of Clinique consultants claim it will make you do at first but even with continued use, it didn’t get better. I also knew it wasn’t just a random skin adjusting breakout, as my skin had actual cystic acne type bumps that I only ever get when my skin is seriously irritated. And like predicted, once I stopped using this set, my skin cleared up.

I was a little disappointed by this, especially because Clinique are renowned for their skincare products, even for the most sensitive to troublesome skin. I had high hopes for this, even though I was a little sceptical with the concept at first, I still used the products for almost 3 months until I just couldn’t do it to my skin anymore.

I know these products have worked wonderfully for many people, I just sadly am not one of them!



COLOUR CHAMELEON: Bronzed Garnet, Golden Quartz, Amber Haze

I don’t know if it’s just me but lately I seem to actually prefer eyeshadow pencils way more than the traditional powdered eyeshadows we’re used to. Maybe I’m becoming lazy but I just find them so much more easier to work with, needing significantly less effort to blend without the need to strategically plan and place additional colours for the crease, outer v and inner corner. Most importantly, I find them less time consuming!

Ok, yes, I’m ultra lazy but even the colour payoff and the colours itself are enough to make me part ways with hard earned cash, easily spending more than a deserved price for these eyeshadow pencils.

This brings me to the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils which have become my latest, most expensive obsession! Incase some of you aren’t familiar with who Charlotte Tilbury is, she is a famous makeup artist, working with a lot of A list celebrities and has also launched her very own makeup line. A couple months after her makeup line first launched exclusively to Selfridges in London, I just happened to be wandering through and ended up meeting her, which was a nice unexpected surprise as I didn’t expect her to be there. I have to say she was very lovely and helpful in person, assisting me with my queries that it made it too easy to part with cash and pick up a couple of her products.

As much as I would like to say her products are over priced because some of them are pretty expensive, I find the quality really does make it a no brainer, almost justifying the price and these pencil eyeshadows are no exception.

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Marketed as ‘colour morphing eyeshadow pencils’ that enhance the colour of your eyes with contrasting colours, these eyeshadow pencils come in 8 shades for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes. Each eye colour has two shades designated to them, one for day and one for night. Of course you don’t just have to stick to the colours designed for your eyes, I clearly didn’t but it is handy having a sort of guideline for what may suit you more.

The application of these pencils are so easy, needing little to no effort at all. They go on so creamy, are a dream to blend and set very fast. I’d advise doing one eye at a time because these set in less than a minute and require an oily cleanser to remove. I learnt the hard way the first time when swatching these in store and being left to look like I had tried to recreate art on the back of my hand for the day!

The colour payoff is very pigmented but if you’d prefer a light wash of colour, these can be easily sheered out with a little blending but again you’d have to blend fast before the colour sets. And once set, these do not budge with serious lasting power! Although the claim is that these last up to 10 hours, I personally always wear a primer regardless of any claims. After a long day however, I was pleasantly surprised to find creasing was either very minimal or almost none existent but I guess it’ll be different for everyone.

One thing I will say and this is a major downside for me, is that the cap has a habit of coming off when in your bag. At first I thought maybe it’s because I’ve got too much stuff in my bag but I found even in a small clutch bag with only the few essentials, the cap still manages to come off, with product getting on everything! I usually tend to throw away the packaging products come in but for once I am grateful I hadn’t gotten around to it because now when I take this out with me, I have to keep it in its packaging to prevent product wastage!

Although my eyes are very dark brown, I like to live life on the wild side and decided to opt for a couple colours that weren’t meant for my eyes. Call it experimental or rebellious but either way I like it!

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze – For brown eyes, for night. This is a beautiful shimmery amber shade with a mix of bronze. At first when you look at the colour from the pencil, it just seems like a typical golden bronze colour but once applied it really does have a way of standing out unlike any shade I’ve ever seen. A little really does go a long way and because it’s very pigmented the colour looks very rich, with just the right amount of shimmers. In terms of enhancing my brown eyes, I found it did slightly make the whites of my eyes look whiter and the dark brown of my eyes look darker and a little vibrant, if that even makes sense! But in all honestly, nothing too significant to make such a bold claim. If anything it just complimented my eyes extremely well and I found when I wore this, I noticed a lot of people asking me what was on my eyes, even strangers I’d pass by in a store! Although this shade is for the night, it’s definitely light enough to get away with in the day, as long as you don’t mind the richness and shimmers. This is by far my favourite shade in the collection! I love the whole smudgy bronze/brown smokey eye look or smudgy eyeliner, so this definitely is right up my alley!

Golden Quartz – For hazel eyes, for day. This is a dark brown shade with olive green tones and golden shimmers running through it. In some lights it can give off more of a dark brown or more of an olive green tone to it but I personally love eyeshadows that can look different, in different lights. On my eyes I find this colour to be more of a smokey look and although it’s meant to be for the day, I find it a little on the dark side and more suitable to wear at night. This didn’t do much to enhance my eye colour but I still found it complimented my eyes really well, especially when blended and sheered out. I can only imagine the effect it would have on hazel eyes! Even though this didn’t do much for my eyes, I still find the colour very stunning and love the way it looks in different lights. It’s definitely my go to for when I want a smokey eye with a twist.

Bronzed Garnet – For green eyes, for day. This is beautiful rusty coppery/bronze shade, which I was a little hesitant to pick up at first as it seemed more on the red side but once I swatched it on my hand, I knew it was going home with me. I am a massive fan of these red toned bronze shades on the eyes and this was by far no exception. This stunning shade compliments my eyes nicely, making them look brighter but again nothing too significant. Regardless of that I still absolutely love the way it looks swept all over the eyelid, especially when I want a sultry eye look. This is definitely more of a fall colour to me and again more of a night colour. I cannot imagine being able to get away with it in the summer, let alone during the day but hey, rules are meant to be broken and makeup is no exception!

Mac Lipstick Collection


MAC LIPSTICK: Rebel, Ruby Woo, Speak Louder, Impassioned, Girl About Town

Considering I am a massive lipstick lover and hoarder, I am surprised I only currently own 5 Mac lipsticks! Although I can guarantee this will no doubt change in a short space of time! The one thing I definitely love about Mac is the huge array of colours and formulas to suit anyone to everyone and their lipsticks are no exception.

Mac definitely needs no introduction and the lipsticks I own are no short of a thousand fans, so I’m just going to go right ahead and get on with my two pennies worth!


Rebel, Ruby Woo, Speak Louder, Impassioned, Girl About Town

Rebel – This is actually my favourite Mac lipstick, not just out of the ones I own but also out of the majority I have swatched and tried in stores! Rebel is a beautiful plum/deep berry colour that can look flattering on any skin tone. Although this looks like a deep purple from the bullet, when applied first it goes on like a deep fuchsia and is buildable to become as bold and as dark as you’d like it. With a satin finish (matte with a sheen), it glides on easily giving the most beautiful pigmented look, although you have to work it in a little if you want a richer colour payoff and if fading does occur, it leaves a berry stain. The only downside for this lipstick is that it tends to emphasise dry flakes and patches on your lips so exfoliating before hand is a must but other than that it is by far a beautiful and versatile lipstick.

Ruby Woo – The ultimate showstopper red. Yet another lipstick suitable for any skin tone, this is a very matte blue toned red. This is the sort of lipstick you wear when you want to make a statement because it’s guaranteed to make heads turn. The colour payoff is very pigmented and stays true, lasting hours of wear but because it is very matte you will have to work a bit to get the desired colour payoff. Once achieved, the effect is very glamourous. One tip I would advise is to apply some lip balm before to give the lipstick some slip, this is of course if you struggle applying it and get sick of the dragging needed upon application.

Speak Louder – Described by Mac as a clean poppy blue pink, this is another lipstick that looks bright in the bullet but comes off much more softer when applied. Although to me, this colour looks more on the pinky-red side, it’s cremesheen formula allows it to glide on effortlessly and makes it more forgiving on the lips, showing a softer side of a vibrant blue toned pink. In terms of staying power, it can last for a good few hours but naturally with this being a cremesheen formula it will most likely fade but when it does, it leaves a natural even stain on the lips. It’s definitely subtle enough to be worn everyday but still adds a beautiful pop of colour without being over the top.

Impassioned – There are many ways to describe this lipstick but simply put, it is a bright coral pink. Definitely a summer colour. The amplified formula allows it to glide on effortlessly, giving a bright and fun pop of colour to the lips but because it is very creamy it does have the tendency to slide and transfer easily, lessening the wear time. As it fades, it leaves a beautiful stain but I can imagine you’d be left with glossy product around the edges of your lips. Another thing to consider, is due to the formula of this lipstick it tends to emphasise dry patches on the lips, so exfoliating before hand is a must. I really do love this lipstick, it’s fun and bright and adds such a beautiful, complimentary pop of colour but I hate the formula to the point that it actually stops me from reaching for it as much as I’d like to. I feel it’s just way too much maintenance at times. If Mac were to release a matte version of this I would definitely pick it up but fortunately enough Mac have so many colours in their lipstick ranges, that it shouldn’t be too hard to find a dupe.

Girl About Town – A blue toned fuchsia pink. This is one of those colours that when I look at it, I don’t really think much of it or feel as drawn to it but when I wear it, I think why don’t I wear this more often?! The amplified formula allows it to glide on effortlessly but funny enough, I find the wear time for this lipstick in particular lasts longer than any other amplified formula, almost as if it were slightly matte. I’m assuming the reason for this which is the thing that I absolutely love the most about this lipstick, is that it is so pigmented that even when it fades, my lips still have this fuchsia pink stain to them that doesn’t really require needing a touch up. This to me is a massive win, because I hate high maintenance lipsticks and prefer matte formulas. I feel like this is such a rich and beautiful colour it can suit an array of skin tones, I just wish I thought of it more!




Oh how I so badly wanted to love you!! I, just like many others, had been edging to get my hands on this foundation. After many trial and errors from getting tested at the Nars makeup counters, I had finally found my colour and purchased this bad boy thinking it would be a match made in heaven!

Sadly it didn’t work out that way…

Although the name of this foundation is Sheer Glow, there is nothing sheer or glowy about it, at least not in the dewy sense you’d expect. Regardless of the confusion with the name, this is still a beautiful foundation that had I not faced problems with, I would probably even consider giving it Holy Grail status!

This foundation applies like a dream. It’s pigmented enough so that a little goes a long way and yet it’s buildable if you felt like you wanted a little extra coverage. It blends into the skin seamlessly and surprisingly enough, lasts much longer than I would have ever expected without needing powder touch ups. The end result is a beautiful satin finish, giving you a natural and radiant look, like your skin but better, also making your skin look healthier.

The shade range is also pretty impressive, catering to all skin tones, however you may find the majority of shades are yellow toned, so it’s worth getting matched a few times before you actually decide to purchase it. I picked up the shade Stromboli, a beautiful medium shade with olive undertones. This colour was the closest match I could find, although it is a little yellow on me but the foundation blends so well into my skin that after a while of wearing it, I hardly notice.

So with all the positives so far, what’s the problem?

This foundation broke me out!!! Although this foundation claims to be ‘Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance free.’ and is meant to be amazing for acne-prone skin and even sensitive skin, this just wasn’t the case for me. When I first started using it, it looked and felt great but by the end of the day when I would remove it, I would notice my skin started breaking out. My first thought was this could be due to that time of the month paying a visit but after I noticed on the days I wasn’t wearing this foundation, my skin was completely fine and on the days I did wear it, my skin had broken out.

By this point I was just so confused that I decided to read up on some reviews to see if any others had had similar experiences. Of course the majority had nothing but positive reviews to say but there were some that surprisingly have had the same reaction as me and also can’t seem to put a finger on what it is that causes it.

To make matters worse, my breakout wasn’t a minor breakout or indication of skin irritation. No, it was verging on a cystic acne type of breakout and from the reviews I had read, those with a similar experience who had trialed the foundation for longer had definitely said it caused them a cystic acne type of reaction.

This foundation definitely does work for a lot of people without any problems but unfortunately for me, I am one of the unlucky few! Such a shame really, it is such a beautiful foundation and I absolutely loved the finish and feel of it but it is not worth risking a cystic acne type breakout!

So I definitely won’t be touching this again and I think I’ll pass on the bandwagon!




I bought this guy a few months back and have been dying to review it since but I knew I would have to wait a little longer before I could, in order to give an honest and thorough review.

Having previously purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2 and not really being as impressed as I expected to be, I had really high hopes and expectations for the Aria, especially considering my Mia 2 literally just one day stopped working and had to be returned.

The Aria is aimed for those who want a more in-depth cleanse as it is meant to be the more advanced version in comparison to the former Mia 2. It comes with 3 speed settings (delicate, universal, powerful), has an adjustable T-Timer which can go up to 2 minutes if you feel like you want a longer and more thorough cleanse and has a longer battery life by 10 minutes more.

After purchasing and using the Aria for a while, I had undergone a serious breakout phase. Convincing myself I was going through the purge process, I just went with it but my skin was seriously angry with me. I began breaking out in places where I wouldn’t normally breakout. My skin was red, felt raw, hurt and was very dry and irritated. By this point I was running out of options on how to help my skin and could see there was some serious damage caused which would take months to a year, possibly longer to reverse, especially seeing as my skin scars very easily but takes a very very long time to fade. At this point I was ready to give up as it just wasn’t working for me and the only solution I could see was returning the Aria.

One day while I was out shopping, I happened to see a Clarisonic counter in Boots and ended up getting in to a conversation with a lovely consultant that worked there. Right off the bat before I even had a chance to explain the brush head or even the Clarisonic I was using, she told me that I have very sensitive skin and was using the incorrect brush head for my skin – clearly the damage caused on my skin was noticeable!

After an educational conversation I learnt the things that I had been doing wrong, which had I spoken to a consultant before my purchase would have saved me so much hassle!

Firstly, I was advised to switch brush heads. Although every Clarisonic comes with the ‘sensitive’ brush head, the one I should be using and is recommended to beginners is the ‘delicate’ brush head. Depending on your skin, you can always change the brush head according to what would suit your skin more but for me it’s going to be ‘delicate’ for now.

Secondly, because the Aria gives a more intense cleanse compared to the Mia 2, the speed setting you should start of with is ‘delicate’. Use this for two weeks, then switch to ‘universal’ for two weeks and then switch to ‘powerful’ for another two weeks. Keep alternating every 2 weeks between these speeds, starting again with ‘delicate’ after you’ve completed the two weeks on the ‘powerful’ speed setting. By starting of with ‘delicate’ and alternating every two week, it will help your skin get used to the Clarisonic but you should also listen to you skin, because you will know whether you should change speed or keep it on your current speed setting.

Third, whatever cleanser you use, apply it to your face and massage it in but don’t forget to also apply some cleanser to your Clarisonic after you wet the brush head before you use it. This will really work the extra product in to you skin, ensuring you get a better cleanse as you’ll notice, at least in my case, that your skin will feel much more cleaner.

Forth, change your brush heads every 3 months and don’t wash your brush head with soap or antibacterial hand wash but instead with shampoo, as this will really remove the build up of product within the brush. Also if you cleanse your skin and notice the brush after is stained with soapy makeup then you should clean your brush head more often to keep it clean and ensure a more effective cleanse.

Fifth, last but not least, if you have very sensitive skin and you find it becoming irritated by the Clarisonic then reduce to using it only at night or every other night. If you find your skin is fine but want a deeper cleanse, then adjust the T-Timer to 2 minutes for a longer in-depth cleanse.

I followed this advice down to every last word and personally noticed such a difference in my skin. The change in brush head made the biggest difference of all as my skin became less irritated and angry. The breakouts more or less cleared up except the minor little blemish which even I knew was due to an clogged pore. My skin felt smoother, products absorbed much better rather than just sitting on top of my skin and I could actually see the difference the products were making with the better absorption.

I also noticed my makeup applies like a dream and I even find myself using less face makeup as I just don’t seem to need it as much. And last but not least, although it is advised to still exfoliate your skin twice a week (yes the Clarisonic is not an exfoliator), I do tend to sometimes forget. But fortunately, having a Clarisonic in my life has made it more forgiving for the times when I do forget, as it does help with very minor exfoliation. But it’s still not an excuse!!

I am definitely grateful I gave this one last chance! If any of you guys are having similar problems with a Clarisonic, maybe try the things I was advised and see if that makes a difference but like I said, listen to your skin because that will definitely be the biggest indication if a product is working for you or not!

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Review


FACE FABRIC: 3 Natural Beige

So I have been so busy with work lately, I’ve haven’t had time for anything else. No seriously, I mean that literally! In between work and bringing work home with me and even working on the weekends (I know it’s not good) I haven’t been able to do much else, let alone catch up on blogging! But I’m making a conscious effort to actually make time, so hopefully I’ll be able to update regularly!

Ok so now that’s explained, let’s get to the fun part…

When it comes to the mornings and actually getting ready for work, it seems I would prefer those extra few precious minutes of sleep rather than looking primped and primed. I try to keep my morning routine as minimal as possible but by the time I look at the clock, I am literally running out the door in a rush!

This is where the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric comes to the rescue! This product has literally saved me so much time in the morning that I’m a little puzzled how I didn’t think of it sooner!

I bought this on a complete impulse buy a few months back, having already had great experiences with Armani products, allowing the makeup artist to convince me this is an amazing product that I needed to have. Clearly he was very convincing as I bought it but after having tried it out a few times I wasn’t as convinced.

Marketed as second skin nude makeup, the silicone based foundation glides on like silk, making the application the most easiest thing in the world. A little goes a long way and personally I would recommend a brush over fingers. Having learnt from experience, I highly recommending the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush because I found it to be the easiest brush to work with the product.

The first time I tried this product I used my fingers and well, if you’ve ever accidentally used too much of a silicone based primer, you’ll know what I mean when I say it was quite slippery. After having managed to apply it evenly, it looked stunning but I felt it was a bit cakey, even though it did not look like that in the slightest! A few hours later when I went to check on my skin I noticed it looked quite shiny and had to end up powdering every couple of hours. To be honest I wasn’t that surprised, what did I expect from a silicone based foundation?

A few days here and there for the rest of that month I had trialed and errored it with different application techniques and powders but just couldn’t seem to make it work.

Of course until now!

I have no idea the exact science of what I did differently or how I even managed to make this work but somehow this has been my go to foundation for the past two busy months!

I prep my skin with The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser through the centre of my face where I get oily and then apply very little product at a time and spread it evenly on to my skin using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This product blends in to my skin like a dream and looks so flawless and natural that sometimes when I look at my skin, I actually question if maybe that’s more my actual skin and if the foundation may have just faded a little??

In terms of powder touch ups, I think everyone’s a little different. For me, I have combination skin where I get oily through the centre of my face but with this product I only feel the need to powder towards the end of the day. I think due to it being silicone based it will definitely be one of those foundation that will need powdering but I also think a good powder can limit the need for touch ups. I use the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana, which I honestly feel is one of the biggest reasons I don’t need as many powder touch ups as I did in the past.

The foundation goes on sheer and has a satin finish. If you need a bit more coverage, then a concealer would definitely be needed but I find you don’t need as much concealer as you’d expect as it is still somewhat pigmented. Although this is a foundation, to me I see it as more as a tinted primer, which is a very fitting description as it is silicone based.

I have the shade 3 Natural Beige which I personally felt at the beginning was half a shade too light for me but the next shade up was definitely too dark for me and stood out more, looking less natural. I also tend to get away with shades that are lighter on my skin and more forgiving as opposed to more tan shades, which actually stand out more on me when I’m in between shades. Either way, the Ben Nye Luxury Powder definitely adds a bit of colour to even it out just incase I feel I look a little too pale and after a touch of blush and bronzer, I look like I have life in me!

In terms of lasting power, I do find it does eventually look a little worn by the end of the day but after a whole day of work I’m not surprised! Although I have used foundations that can stand the test of time, I don’t personally consider this a foundation so I’m not at all disappointed when I get home and see it’s time to take it off, which by the end of a long day is all I want to do!

I am definitely glad I gave this foundation another 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th chance. It has saved me so much time in the mornings and having sensitive skin, I haven’t broken out from this once or had any reaction at all, which is definitely a bonus!

It is a very weightless and flawless ‘foundation’, with beautiful undetectable coverage. I would recommend it but would also advise that you test it out a few times as it is expensive and a silicone based foundation may not be for everyone!