3-Step Skincare



CLINIQUE 3-STEP: Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion 2, Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

I bought this skincare set a while back, convinced by the consultant at Clinique that this was genuinely a must have set but how wrong was I!

Consisting of three products 3-Step is supposed to cleanse your skin thoroughly and prepare it for better product absorption, so that any products you apply after will work better with your skin and be more effective. The set I purchased was for skin type number 2 – dry combination. According to the skin type you have and the number category you come under, the products may vary slightly. They all do the same thing, just the formulas may be lighter or heavy depending on your skin type needs. The products of course work together in a trio, although there’s no harm in only using one or two on their own but for maximum effect, they work best altogether.

LIQUID FACIAL SOAP – Step 1. This is just a standard cleanser which is meant to prepare the skin for exfoliation in Step 2. I used this twice a day with my CLARISONIC ARIA but personally didn’t find it doing anything outstanding for my skin. It of course cleansed my skin and although it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry, I didn’t feel like it did much else for my skin either, apart from prepare it for the next product.

CLARIFYING LOTION 2 – Step 2. To put simply, this is an alcohol based toner meant to exfoliate your skin, to clear and smooth it over so it’s ready for moisture. I really liked the idea of this but to be quite honest I hated the actual product! I’ve never used a product on my face that stinks of so much alcohol before! The first time I opened this bottle, it was so strong I just knew there was no way this could be good for you. It was one of those moments where you have to really sit down and have a serious talk with yourself and be like “is this really where we’re at in life? Using alcohol to exfoliate my face? All in the name of beauty?!” After researching the product and reading reviews from people who had the same concerns, those who were brave enough to try this product had assured us there was no serious damage done and that it was safe to use. I finally managed to pluck up the courage to try it but sadly it didn’t get any better. It did make my skin smooth, ready for moisture but that was because my skin desperately needed moisture after this. This made my skin feel so dry and not to mention the burning sensation when applying this product, along with the alcohol scent that is temporarily left on your skin! I thought maybe there was just an adjustment period where my skin needed to get used to this but that never happened and eventually I had to stop using it because I just knew I was damaging my skin in the long run.

DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURISING LOTION + – Step 3. This moisturiser is light enough to hydrate your skin without overloading it with too much moisture and is definitely a welcomed product after the previous step. Apart from the obvious, the purpose of this product is to rebalanced your skins moisture levels after all the cleansing and toning. It absorbs quickly and easily without fuss and offers all day hydration. I was also told many times that even though this product is a moisturiser, it is still used as a first step before you add any other serums or moisturisers, so that your skin is hydrated enough in order to allow the following products to be better absorbed. I didn’t really have any issues with this product but I didn’t exactly think it was necessary either in terms of the whole “use before for better product absorption”.

I get the concept behind this whole skincare set. Cleanse the skin, remove impurities, exfoliate away dead skin cells for clearer skin, then add moisture to rebalance the skin, making the skin more readily able to accept and work with other products. It makes sense but to me, I just think it’s unnecessary. You can’t keep overloading your skin with products and expect to make it better. Eventually you’re going to have to let you skin take care of itself, which is what it naturally does anyway with the help of diet and exercise, etc, etc.

I didn’t get along with these products at all. If anything they made my skin worse as they caused me to break out, which I know a lot of Clinique consultants claim it will make you do at first but even with continued use, it didn’t get better. I also knew it wasn’t just a random skin adjusting breakout, as my skin had actual cystic acne type bumps that I only ever get when my skin is seriously irritated. And like predicted, once I stopped using this set, my skin cleared up.

I was a little disappointed by this, especially because Clinique are renowned for their skincare products, even for the most sensitive to troublesome skin. I had high hopes for this, even though I was a little sceptical with the concept at first, I still used the products for almost 3 months until I just couldn’t do it to my skin anymore.

I know these products have worked wonderfully for many people, I just sadly am not one of them!