Amber Haze



COLOUR CHAMELEON: Bronzed Garnet, Golden Quartz, Amber Haze

I don’t know if it’s just me but lately I seem to actually prefer eyeshadow pencils way more than the traditional powdered eyeshadows we’re used to. Maybe I’m becoming lazy but I just find them so much more easier to work with, needing significantly less effort to blend without the need to strategically plan and place additional colours for the crease, outer v and inner corner. Most importantly, I find them less time consuming!

Ok, yes, I’m ultra lazy but even the colour payoff and the colours itself are enough to make me part ways with hard earned cash, easily spending more than a deserved price for these eyeshadow pencils.

This brings me to the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils which have become my latest, most expensive obsession! Incase some of you aren’t familiar with who Charlotte Tilbury is, she is a famous makeup artist, working with a lot of A list celebrities and has also launched her very own makeup line. A couple months after her makeup line first launched exclusively to Selfridges in London, I just happened to be wandering through and ended up meeting her, which was a nice unexpected surprise as I didn’t expect her to be there. I have to say she was very lovely and helpful in person, assisting me with my queries that it made it too easy to part with cash and pick up a couple of her products.

As much as I would like to say her products are over priced because some of them are pretty expensive, I find the quality really does make it a no brainer, almost justifying the price and these pencil eyeshadows are no exception.

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Marketed as ‘colour morphing eyeshadow pencils’ that enhance the colour of your eyes with contrasting colours, these eyeshadow pencils come in 8 shades for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes. Each eye colour has two shades designated to them, one for day and one for night. Of course you don’t just have to stick to the colours designed for your eyes, I clearly didn’t but it is handy having a sort of guideline for what may suit you more.

The application of these pencils are so easy, needing little to no effort at all. They go on so creamy, are a dream to blend and set very fast. I’d advise doing one eye at a time because these set in less than a minute and require an oily cleanser to remove. I learnt the hard way the first time when swatching these in store and being left to look like I had tried to recreate art on the back of my hand for the day!

The colour payoff is very pigmented but if you’d prefer a light wash of colour, these can be easily sheered out with a little blending but again you’d have to blend fast before the colour sets. And once set, these do not budge with serious lasting power! Although the claim is that these last up to 10 hours, I personally always wear a primer regardless of any claims. After a long day however, I was pleasantly surprised to find creasing was either very minimal or almost none existent but I guess it’ll be different for everyone.

One thing I will say and this is a major downside for me, is that the cap has a habit of coming off when in your bag. At first I thought maybe it’s because I’ve got too much stuff in my bag but I found even in a small clutch bag with only the few essentials, the cap still manages to come off, with product getting on everything! I usually tend to throw away the packaging products come in but for once I am grateful I hadn’t gotten around to it because now when I take this out with me, I have to keep it in its packaging to prevent product wastage!

Although my eyes are very dark brown, I like to live life on the wild side and decided to opt for a couple colours that weren’t meant for my eyes. Call it experimental or rebellious but either way I like it!

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze, Golden Quartz, Bronzed Garnet

Amber Haze – For brown eyes, for night. This is a beautiful shimmery amber shade with a mix of bronze. At first when you look at the colour from the pencil, it just seems like a typical golden bronze colour but once applied it really does have a way of standing out unlike any shade I’ve ever seen. A little really does go a long way and because it’s very pigmented the colour looks very rich, with just the right amount of shimmers. In terms of enhancing my brown eyes, I found it did slightly make the whites of my eyes look whiter and the dark brown of my eyes look darker and a little vibrant, if that even makes sense! But in all honestly, nothing too significant to make such a bold claim. If anything it just complimented my eyes extremely well and I found when I wore this, I noticed a lot of people asking me what was on my eyes, even strangers I’d pass by in a store! Although this shade is for the night, it’s definitely light enough to get away with in the day, as long as you don’t mind the richness and shimmers. This is by far my favourite shade in the collection! I love the whole smudgy bronze/brown smokey eye look or smudgy eyeliner, so this definitely is right up my alley!

Golden Quartz – For hazel eyes, for day. This is a dark brown shade with olive green tones and golden shimmers running through it. In some lights it can give off more of a dark brown or more of an olive green tone to it but I personally love eyeshadows that can look different, in different lights. On my eyes I find this colour to be more of a smokey look and although it’s meant to be for the day, I find it a little on the dark side and more suitable to wear at night. This didn’t do much to enhance my eye colour but I still found it complimented my eyes really well, especially when blended and sheered out. I can only imagine the effect it would have on hazel eyes! Even though this didn’t do much for my eyes, I still find the colour very stunning and love the way it looks in different lights. It’s definitely my go to for when I want a smokey eye with a twist.

Bronzed Garnet – For green eyes, for day. This is beautiful rusty coppery/bronze shade, which I was a little hesitant to pick up at first as it seemed more on the red side but once I swatched it on my hand, I knew it was going home with me. I am a massive fan of these red toned bronze shades on the eyes and this was by far no exception. This stunning shade compliments my eyes nicely, making them look brighter but again nothing too significant. Regardless of that I still absolutely love the way it looks swept all over the eyelid, especially when I want a sultry eye look. This is definitely more of a fall colour to me and again more of a night colour. I cannot imagine being able to get away with it in the summer, let alone during the day but hey, rules are meant to be broken and makeup is no exception!