SLEEK MATTE ME: Birthday Suit

Ever since I first saw this colour on a friend, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sounds a little creepy right? But since then I had been on a mission to track it down and purchase it but whenever I’d come across a Sleek section in a Superdrug or Boots, it would always be sold out!

After some time I was beginning to give up hope, until one day I happened to walk into a small Boots to buy some eye makeup remover and stumbled on it by chance!

It was just my luck because not only did they have this colour fully stocked, they also had the rest of the Matte Me range stocked too. I had an artful colouring session, creating my own Picasso on the back of my hand as I played around with all the colours but managed to only walk away with the one I had been on a hunt for!

Was all that effort worth it?

Yes! I absolutely love this product! It has a unique formula that allows it to go like butter and sets within minutes. A little goes a long way as this product is so pigmented and one coat is more than enough to get the desired effect.

This liquid lipstick has great staying power, with small touch-ups only needed after eating but even then the fading is still pretty minor. It didn’t dry my lips out like most traditional matte formulas tend to do but that may be down to me having applied lip balm before as a precautionary measure. I also found it made my lips look plumper, even though it doesn’t hold any ingredients to give such an effect. Either way I loved the fuller lip look!


Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit – A mauve pink nude. I love this shade! It’s the right balance of pink and mauve without being too over powering. I feel like this colour can match any skin tone and can look different depending on the skin tone. On a warmer colour this shade may look like the perfect nude, on a paler skin tone it may look like a true mauve. Either way, it will still look great. It’s a very Kyle Jenner shade and I can completely see why it was sold out everywhere!

After my lengthy mission to find this shade, I can definitely say it was worth it! For £4.99 a pop, it was more than a bargain and I’m so glad I finally got it! I think I’ll have to pay that Boots another visit as I’m curious to try more shades from the line!




I bought this guy a few months back and have been dying to review it since but I knew I would have to wait a little longer before I could, in order to give an honest and thorough review.

Having previously purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2 and not really being as impressed as I expected to be, I had really high hopes and expectations for the Aria, especially considering my Mia 2 literally just one day stopped working and had to be returned.

The Aria is aimed for those who want a more in-depth cleanse as it is meant to be the more advanced version in comparison to the former Mia 2. It comes with 3 speed settings (delicate, universal, powerful), has an adjustable T-Timer which can go up to 2 minutes if you feel like you want a longer and more thorough cleanse and has a longer battery life by 10 minutes more.

After purchasing and using the Aria for a while, I had undergone a serious breakout phase. Convincing myself I was going through the purge process, I just went with it but my skin was seriously angry with me. I began breaking out in places where I wouldn’t normally breakout. My skin was red, felt raw, hurt and was very dry and irritated. By this point I was running out of options on how to help my skin and could see there was some serious damage caused which would take months to a year, possibly longer to reverse, especially seeing as my skin scars very easily but takes a very very long time to fade. At this point I was ready to give up as it just wasn’t working for me and the only solution I could see was returning the Aria.

One day while I was out shopping, I happened to see a Clarisonic counter in Boots and ended up getting in to a conversation with a lovely consultant that worked there. Right off the bat before I even had a chance to explain the brush head or even the Clarisonic I was using, she told me that I have very sensitive skin and was using the incorrect brush head for my skin – clearly the damage caused on my skin was noticeable!

After an educational conversation I learnt the things that I had been doing wrong, which had I spoken to a consultant before my purchase would have saved me so much hassle!

Firstly, I was advised to switch brush heads. Although every Clarisonic comes with the ‘sensitive’ brush head, the one I should be using and is recommended to beginners is the ‘delicate’ brush head. Depending on your skin, you can always change the brush head according to what would suit your skin more but for me it’s going to be ‘delicate’ for now.

Secondly, because the Aria gives a more intense cleanse compared to the Mia 2, the speed setting you should start of with is ‘delicate’. Use this for two weeks, then switch to ‘universal’ for two weeks and then switch to ‘powerful’ for another two weeks. Keep alternating every 2 weeks between these speeds, starting again with ‘delicate’ after you’ve completed the two weeks on the ‘powerful’ speed setting. By starting of with ‘delicate’ and alternating every two week, it will help your skin get used to the Clarisonic but you should also listen to you skin, because you will know whether you should change speed or keep it on your current speed setting.

Third, whatever cleanser you use, apply it to your face and massage it in but don’t forget to also apply some cleanser to your Clarisonic after you wet the brush head before you use it. This will really work the extra product in to you skin, ensuring you get a better cleanse as you’ll notice, at least in my case, that your skin will feel much more cleaner.

Forth, change your brush heads every 3 months and don’t wash your brush head with soap or antibacterial hand wash but instead with shampoo, as this will really remove the build up of product within the brush. Also if you cleanse your skin and notice the brush after is stained with soapy makeup then you should clean your brush head more often to keep it clean and ensure a more effective cleanse.

Fifth, last but not least, if you have very sensitive skin and you find it becoming irritated by the Clarisonic then reduce to using it only at night or every other night. If you find your skin is fine but want a deeper cleanse, then adjust the T-Timer to 2 minutes for a longer in-depth cleanse.

I followed this advice down to every last word and personally noticed such a difference in my skin. The change in brush head made the biggest difference of all as my skin became less irritated and angry. The breakouts more or less cleared up except the minor little blemish which even I knew was due to an clogged pore. My skin felt smoother, products absorbed much better rather than just sitting on top of my skin and I could actually see the difference the products were making with the better absorption.

I also noticed my makeup applies like a dream and I even find myself using less face makeup as I just don’t seem to need it as much. And last but not least, although it is advised to still exfoliate your skin twice a week (yes the Clarisonic is not an exfoliator), I do tend to sometimes forget. But fortunately, having a Clarisonic in my life has made it more forgiving for the times when I do forget, as it does help with very minor exfoliation. But it’s still not an excuse!!

I am definitely grateful I gave this one last chance! If any of you guys are having similar problems with a Clarisonic, maybe try the things I was advised and see if that makes a difference but like I said, listen to your skin because that will definitely be the biggest indication if a product is working for you or not!

My Bag Essentials

Like  many of you, I am one of those who try to keep as little as possible in their bag in order to keep it light… but we all know that never works out! Aside from the heap of things in my bag, I actually try not to carry a full makeup/haircare/skincare/whatever bag simply because I found I was carrying things on a daily basis I just never used, thus adding to the weight of my bag.

So here’s a look at the things I carry that I do actually use!




The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanse Gel – I live in London, need I say more! Unlike your typical hand sanitizer this does have the added benefit of a grapefruit scent, so it doesn’t of leaving your hands smelling of alcohol.

Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream – I love this stuff. Not only is it a great hand moisturiser which comes in handy after all that hand washing and hand sanitizer use but it also saves me having to carry around other moisturisers . I know you’re not meant to use hand cream on your face but desperate times call for desperate measures and this saves the day!

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet – No matter where I go, a lip balm is always an essential and this leaves a lovely lingering cherry scent on the lips whilst nourishing them.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick 25 Nude – I am not one to carry around foundation in my bag, seriously who has the time for that?! But I will always make sure there is a concealer handy for touch ups in case I’m ever in need.

Boots Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – Having tried a few oil blotting sheets I somehow always seem to come back to these. The thing I love about this the most is it doesn’t just absorb the oils on your face, it also leaves a layer of translucent powder to ensure your complexion stays matte without looking cakey or dry.

Dior Rouge Dior 651 Rose Tourbillon – This unfortunately has been discontinued but if I could repurchase it, I would. For now I’ll have to try and find a dupe. This is a lovely peachy pink, a sort of your lips but better colour, giving your lips a naturally enhanced look. Definitely something I love to wear in the warmer summer months as its creamy formula glides on effortlessly, leaving a subtle stain as it fades so you don’t have to worry too much about rushing to touch it up. I love Dior lipsticks! Definitely one of my top favourite lipstick brands!

Bourjois Effect Smoky Pencil 73 Deep Green – This has also been discontinued and I have tried so very hard to find a dupe with the right amounts of blue and green in it but the NYX Retractable Eye Liner in Gypsy Blue is the closest dupe I could find. I tend to wear this eyeliner on my waterline as a pop of colour, alongside black liner on my upper lash line and mascara top and bottom. I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive for this. This colour really enhances brown eyes and adds a definite effect to them, making them stand out more.