Mac Lipstick Collection


MAC LIPSTICK: Rebel, Ruby Woo, Speak Louder, Impassioned, Girl About Town

Considering I am a massive lipstick lover and hoarder, I am surprised I only currently own 5 Mac lipsticks! Although I can guarantee this will no doubt change in a short space of time! The one thing I definitely love about Mac is the huge array of colours and formulas to suit anyone to everyone and their lipsticks are no exception.

Mac definitely needs no introduction and the lipsticks I own are no short of a thousand fans, so I’m just going to go right ahead and get on with my two pennies worth!


Rebel, Ruby Woo, Speak Louder, Impassioned, Girl About Town

Rebel – This is actually my favourite Mac lipstick, not just out of the ones I own but also out of the majority I have swatched and tried in stores! Rebel is a beautiful plum/deep berry colour that can look flattering on any skin tone. Although this looks like a deep purple from the bullet, when applied first it goes on like a deep fuchsia and is buildable to become as bold and as dark as you’d like it. With a satin finish (matte with a sheen), it glides on easily giving the most beautiful pigmented look, although you have to work it in a little if you want a richer colour payoff and if fading does occur, it leaves a berry stain. The only downside for this lipstick is that it tends to emphasise dry flakes and patches on your lips so exfoliating before hand is a must but other than that it is by far a beautiful and versatile lipstick.

Ruby Woo – The ultimate showstopper red. Yet another lipstick suitable for any skin tone, this is a very matte blue toned red. This is the sort of lipstick you wear when you want to make a statement because it’s guaranteed to make heads turn. The colour payoff is very pigmented and stays true, lasting hours of wear but because it is very matte you will have to work a bit to get the desired colour payoff. Once achieved, the effect is very glamourous. One tip I would advise is to apply some lip balm before to give the lipstick some slip, this is of course if you struggle applying it and get sick of the dragging needed upon application.

Speak Louder – Described by Mac as a clean poppy blue pink, this is another lipstick that looks bright in the bullet but comes off much more softer when applied. Although to me, this colour looks more on the pinky-red side, it’s cremesheen formula allows it to glide on effortlessly and makes it more forgiving on the lips, showing a softer side of a vibrant blue toned pink. In terms of staying power, it can last for a good few hours but naturally with this being a cremesheen formula it will most likely fade but when it does, it leaves a natural even stain on the lips. It’s definitely subtle enough to be worn everyday but still adds a beautiful pop of colour without being over the top.

Impassioned – There are many ways to describe this lipstick but simply put, it is a bright coral pink. Definitely a summer colour. The amplified formula allows it to glide on effortlessly, giving a bright and fun pop of colour to the lips but because it is very creamy it does have the tendency to slide and transfer easily, lessening the wear time. As it fades, it leaves a beautiful stain but I can imagine you’d be left with glossy product around the edges of your lips. Another thing to consider, is due to the formula of this lipstick it tends to emphasise dry patches on the lips, so exfoliating before hand is a must. I really do love this lipstick, it’s fun and bright and adds such a beautiful, complimentary pop of colour but I hate the formula to the point that it actually stops me from reaching for it as much as I’d like to. I feel it’s just way too much maintenance at times. If Mac were to release a matte version of this I would definitely pick it up but fortunately enough Mac have so many colours in their lipstick ranges, that it shouldn’t be too hard to find a dupe.

Girl About Town – A blue toned fuchsia pink. This is one of those colours that when I look at it, I don’t really think much of it or feel as drawn to it but when I wear it, I think why don’t I wear this more often?! The amplified formula allows it to glide on effortlessly but funny enough, I find the wear time for this lipstick in particular lasts longer than any other amplified formula, almost as if it were slightly matte. I’m assuming the reason for this which is the thing that I absolutely love the most about this lipstick, is that it is so pigmented that even when it fades, my lips still have this fuchsia pink stain to them that doesn’t really require needing a touch up. This to me is a massive win, because I hate high maintenance lipsticks and prefer matte formulas. I feel like this is such a rich and beautiful colour it can suit an array of skin tones, I just wish I thought of it more!