Lip Gloss



SLEEK MATTE ME: Birthday Suit

Ever since I first saw this colour on a friend, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Sounds a little creepy right? But since then I had been on a mission to track it down and purchase it but whenever I’d come across a Sleek section in a Superdrug or Boots, it would always be sold out!

After some time I was beginning to give up hope, until one day I happened to walk into a small Boots to buy some eye makeup remover and stumbled on it by chance!

It was just my luck because not only did they have this colour fully stocked, they also had the rest of the Matte Me range stocked too. I had an artful colouring session, creating my own Picasso on the back of my hand as I played around with all the colours but managed to only walk away with the one I had been on a hunt for!

Was all that effort worth it?

Yes! I absolutely love this product! It has a unique formula that allows it to go like butter and sets within minutes. A little goes a long way as this product is so pigmented and one coat is more than enough to get the desired effect.

This liquid lipstick has great staying power, with small touch-ups only needed after eating but even then the fading is still pretty minor. It didn’t dry my lips out like most traditional matte formulas tend to do but that may be down to me having applied lip balm before as a precautionary measure. I also found it made my lips look plumper, even though it doesn’t hold any ingredients to give such an effect. Either way I loved the fuller lip look!


Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit – A mauve pink nude. I love this shade! It’s the right balance of pink and mauve without being too over powering. I feel like this colour can match any skin tone and can look different depending on the skin tone. On a warmer colour this shade may look like the perfect nude, on a paler skin tone it may look like a true mauve. Either way, it will still look great. It’s a very Kyle Jenner shade and I can completely see why it was sold out everywhere!

After my lengthy mission to find this shade, I can definitely say it was worth it! For £4.99 a pop, it was more than a bargain and I’m so glad I finally got it! I think I’ll have to pay that Boots another visit as I’m curious to try more shades from the line!



TOPSHOP GLOSS INK: Sloe Gin, Cruel, Smitten, Sugar Rush

It has definitely been more than a minute since I have last posted. Aside from work and travelling, life took a turn for the crazy in the last few months with house renovations and moving out. I had seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take up! Fortunately in my absence I had managed to accumulate more new purchases than necessary, which of course is the origins of this blog, so that I guess my disappearing act was not in vain!

Apart from the nightmare we all face when trying to move out, it did give me a chance to take a good look at a lot of the things I had. In the midst of packing and clearing stuff out, I had rediscovered hidden lost treasures I had forgotten all about. One of those lost treasures being the Topshop Gloss Inks.

I had actually bought these a year ago when they released but had never really used them often enough to be blog post worthy.

Highly pigmented and ultra glossy, these glosses can be worn in their truest form or blotted down to create a matte look. The application process takes a bit more work as these are so highly pigmented and a little thick to apply, so it’s easy to make a mistake if you’re not careful! But once applied these last a long time on the lips! I’ll admit eating and drinking are not the easiest things to do when wearing these but even once faded they leave a strong stain on the lips.

I’m not really a fan of glosses, especially the thick and tacky ones but every now and then I like to live life on the edge and venture out.

I had initially only bought one of these but of course I went back and picked up three more because you know, one is never enough!


Sloe Gin, Cruel, Smitten, Sugar Rush

Sloe Gin – A beautiful purple toned pink. I love this colour and have used this probably the most this summer, especially in the evenings. What I like about it is that it can look different depending on the lighting. When worn in the day it looks like a summery hot pink but when worn at night it looks like a deep red toned pink. Either way it’s a beautifully rich shade.

Cruel – A deep berry pink with red tones. If you know my love for Mac’s Rebel, then you’ll definitely know this gloss is not far off. This reminds me of a glossy version of Rebel, giving your lips that deep vampy look whilst also giving you a juicy pout. It is such an intense look, worn matte or glossy it is such a statement lip.

Smitten – This is a bright coral, almost neon pink. It’s a full on colour but definitely a summer only shade in my opinion. I wore this on most summer days but as the season started changing to autumn, I found it to be a little too bright and loud for the cooler months and had to make a switch. This shade goes best with minimal eye makeup or some eyeliner and mascara at best, because this shade really does most of the talking.

Sugar Rush – Compared to the previous intense colours, this makes a nice change in contrast. It’s a soft peachy coral that appears natural on the lips, enhancing them slightly with a subtle vibrant tint. Without over using this phrase, it really is a ‘your lips but better shade’ that can be worn everyday. I found the application process for this colour to be the most forgiving out of all four, as I didn’t have to be so precise with my application. This is my running out the door, no time to apply a lip product, fail-safe gloss. I also really love the look of this shade in its gloss form and out of all four, this is the one shade that I don’t bother blotting down to create a matte look.