L’ORÉAL INFALLIBLE MATTE MAX: 001 Silencio, 004 Opps I Pink It Again

There’s nothing I love more than a matte lip but even I’ll admit I dislike the downsides to certain formulas such as dehydration and the heaviness of the lipstick sitting on your lips.

That said, I’d still go for a matte lip any day, making sure to pair it with a subtle dab of lip balm before all the moisture gets sucked out!

Having randomly walked into a Superdrug trying to kill some time in between meetings, I stumbled upon L’Oréal’s latest release, the Infallible Matte Max Lip Pen.

Packaged as a pen style product, the pen allows you to apply the product using a sponge applicator by dipping it into the lid holding the matte colour. You’re able to create different intensities with this product as you can have a subtle dab of colour or a more polished look with the pointed tip for precision.

Available in six shades, I only purchased two from the range as they seemed like the two I’d get the most use out of in the coming Spring/Summer months.


001 Silencio, 004 Opps I Pink It Again

001 Silencio – A coral nude that’s perfect for the summer but definitely subtle enough for the winter. Unlike traditional nudes, this one doesn’t drain you, instead leaving a fun pop of colour on the lips. I find this colour goes with anything and is a nice change when you want a more natural look but with a hint of colour.

004 Opps I Pink It Again – A coral hot pink, another perfect summer shade. This colour gives you a subtle statement lip without the boldness of an all round hot pink. I love that it’s buildable from a lip stain during the day to a more intense colour in the night. It’s perfect for those who love a subtle hot pink, without the bold statement.

Containing micro-oils, these pens keep your lips well moisturised whilst still achieving a matte look. Fully pigmented and long lasting, I had gotten through a full day with only the tiniest need for a touch-up in the centre of the lips. If there ever was a bit of fading, my lips were stained enough to go unnoticed, making this product very low maintence.

Once on your lips, you’ll hardly notice it. Unlike your traditional matte formula, the velvet soft feel of the product feels like there’s nothing on. There were times I had forgotten I was actually wearing anything on my lips until I walked past a mirror!

As fool-proof as the application is, it can also be a bit of a downside when trying to create a more polished and intense lip look. While the sponge does allow colour payoff, the pointed tip doesn’t completely allow pigmented precision. I found I had to go over the outer edges of my lips countless times trying to sculpt them into shape, so a lip liner may be needed.

Regardless of this, I still absolutely love this product! I cannot express how many times I have pulled it out of my bag when in need of a quick hassle free pop of colour!